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Outsourcing is the process of assigning your work to third party companies, leveraging benefits like lower labor cost, lower infrastructure cost, reach global market talent and more. GL SEOLHR has been providing a full spectrum of custom SEO outsourcing services to leading software houses and enterprises around the globe. We focus on custom-fit, flexible solutions to address your SEO service requirements. Outsourcing SEO is not a really old term in the industry but has become really common really fast. Whether you are a start-up who doesn’t have a huge budget, an individual looking for a Professional team on SEO or even if you are a Fortune 500 company, all of you can benefit from outsourcing your SEO projects.

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SEO has gone through some drastic changes over the past few years. We believe SEO is a common sense and those who possess the abilities to perform high quality SEO work can rank websites at top position. It is always the best to hire a dedicated SEO team to do the Search Engine Optimization for your SEO clients projects. And that you can hire through us.

Being one of the leading SEO outsourcing company we can say that the most attractive thing about an overseas SEO contract is that it costs an almost quarter of what you might pay to a local firm. The labor charge is extraordinarily low and you can get quality work at rates as low as $5/hour or even less. So, why to go for an expensive package when you can utilize the spare dollars in running your PPC campaign to get more clients and revenue for your company.

We provide Outsource SEO services to clients who just want to focus on gaining more customers and want some specialized SEO company to manage their client work and rank them among top search engine results. We help you acquire new clients, manage existing ones, without losing the quality of work and yes that is a promise we do as your outsourcing SEO service provider.

We keep ourselves up to date with modern SEO knowledge, you should too! Outsource yours and your clients SEO, contact us today and let us handle your SEO projects as your dedicated SEO team without any further ado. We are Proudly Among the Best SEO Outsourcing Companies in the world.

GL SEOLHR is committed to delivering top SEO results and exceptional SEO service to clients all around the world. We are consider among the most respected SEO agencies in the World. Idea of being your boss, having flexible hours of work, more freedom can be achieved through SEO. We assure transparent, ethical and result oriented SEO services. Working with us means you are working with someone who understand your business goals and help you to achieve those goals.

Our services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of companies and entrepreneurs helping them outwit their opponents by hiring a SEO that fits their requirements perfectly. Thanks to our talented SEO staff, a lot of first-time entrepreneurs have managed to hire the right SEO for their projects while their competitors were still struggling to hire decent employees. Furthermore each SEO expert of our team works 8 hours a day 5 days a week usually 9am to 6pm or as per the client’s requirements (EST or PST) on client SEO project. Our rate for each resource are depending upon the experience and capability of the SEO expert.

Gl SEOLHR is a company that provide best affordable SEO service to clients located anywhere in the world.

GL SEOLHR acts as a Foreign subsidiary for your company. There is no minimum requirement; your company can hire one SEO on Part-time employee leasing basis or a team of 100 dedicated SEO. This facility is like an extension to your own office. The dedicated SEO staffing facility leverages GL SEOLHR technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities.

Brick and mortar stores are no longer as famous as their online counterparts. With ecommerce websites and online shopping has become such a huge thing these days, every business is operation online having an actual physical store. However, the competition is tough and getting visibility online is becoming tougher day by day as search engines revise their algorithms. How does one expect to make their website appear in the search results and in top search results among such stiff competition? The answer is, through hiring SEO Outsourcing Company. SEO services are helping brands and businesses create a visibility online across the much saturated market.

Weather you have ecommerce or corporate service website clients our outsource SEO Service in best for all businesses. It's no more a stone age where businesses can get business through word of mouth and not care much about the targeted SEO techniques. An online business survival depends a lot on SEO, they need to fine-tune their strategies to bring in not just any kind of traffic but relevant that will visit and convert into customers as well, and for that they need to align their websites, content, marketing strategies, keywords and SEO according to the search engines’ algorithms. Thanks to our talented SEO staff, a lot of entrepreneurs have managed to hire the right SEO for their projects.

A lot of SEO companies incorporate the same SEO strategies that are common and anyone can perform for a regular website when in fact an SEO is way more technical and require advance SEO knowldge. eCommerce SEO and Regualar website SEO is all different. Only experience SEO Staff know how to handle ecommerce website SEO and how to handle Regular website SEO.

For an ecommerce website SEO, There is a constant change of inventory, addition of new products, taking down obsolete ones, changing prices, running sale campaigns etc, which are not the concern for a regular website where content pretty much does not change for years they need to make each product on their website have the same level of visibility and SEO strength as others. It’s all or none situation and each page and each product needs to have a unique description, specific keywords and categories and then each page and product is monitored and optimised to get the desired results. It’s a lot of work as compared to a regular website’s SEO.

A good SEO practice starts with research. The SEO company gets down to studying and understanding your business, audience and goals and then draws an SEO plan that will help you reach to your goals.

Our skilled and accomplished SEO staffs take up your projects whether for a short-term or a long-term in accordance with your unique needs. At GL SEOLHR, Our SEO services are supplied for developing business and achieving goals.

SEO Outsourcing Company For Offshore SEO Staffing We’re well known SEO outsourcing company that focused on just one thing - Outsource SEO success for each of our clients. 10+ years in SEO & 450+ SEO experts, we have worked with startups, enterprise company, software development companies, Saas Company, digital agencies and enterprises to help simplify SEO outsourcing need and reduce costs/time-to-market. Planning to outsource SEO services? Or would you like to hire our SEO team (1-25 members)? drop us an email

Our outsource SEO services are geared to deliver results that you expect from outsourcing SEO to our company. Truthfulness, transparency and collaborative approach is a start!

From past 10 years, we have been delivering SEO Outsourcing services worldwide. Our SEO knowledge, SEO Skills, SEO proven methodologies, and SEO advance expertise of skilled SEO professionals yield amazing result for our SEO outsourcing clients. From Startups to Enterprises, Products Companies to Digital Agencies and SMEs to Governments. It has been long since SEO Service Outsourcing passed the fad or buzzword stage and from the time when algoritms were not that mature. We are witness the changes in SEO industry. For software companies that look for cutting costs without cutting corners, we are offshoring SEO Service to clients all over the world. We serve clients in United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and other countries in Europe.

Are you generating SEO sales but do not have enough experience SEO Staff to work on Your SEO Projects? Hiring Outsource SEO company can share your work load. We have been working with various global SEO and Digital marketing companies around the world, providing them white label SEO service. Our proven record in providing white label SEO services to clients from more than 30 countries has created a win-win situation for us and our partners. As top notch SEO company that specialize in offshore SEO Service. Our proven and tested best SEO Reseller services program is best for all size of digital marketing agency. We work with small, mid size and large digital marketing agencies in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Middle east, Europe and more.

Competation is rising if you do want to achieve results you will need to hire experience SEO to take care of your SEO projects so that you can achieve your goals. SEOLHR SEO reseller program is best to handle yours SEO related tasks. Whether you are a new business or an old one the key to success is staying in touch with your audience and potential customers.Sense of care can touch people’s heart no matter what. We are the one of the best SEO reseller company in the world that value each of it's client. We are fortunate enough to provide SEO services to businesses all around the world. Our trained SEO Professional is ready to grow your SEO business in your region.

We are weaved up with highly qualified and experienced SEO experts that make website foundation solid so website not only rank better, but stay there for long. SEO is the big thing, we all know that digital have taken over the world, there is not even one household which doesn't have a member who is not aware of Facebook, twitter, instagram. All you need is a experience SEO team to handle your SEO porjects. You cannot afford to lose your potential business because of work overload. .

No one can escape the digital world now. Having said that, as a SEO or a digital marketing company your online presence can mean a lot to your future customers. A well-constructed website can branch out to everyone across the world, but the thing which is crucial is to have a solid strategy behind it.. A website can open a good number of gateways for business development. It can help customers reach you through website. Presence on the internet means exposure of your service(s) to more people and hence, more customers.


Where your Head office is located/team Based?

SEOLHR is a Pakistan-based largest, old and registered SEO Outsourcing Company and has team members in the Pakistan, Canada, USA and Europe. The team has been hand recruited and trained by internationally acclaimed digital marketing experts and received over one year intense internal SEO training and hand on experience before being assigned to our clients campaigns.

Why SEOLHR is better than Other Outsource SEO companies?

SEOLHR is committed to delivering best SEO results and exceptional SEO service to clients all around the world. SEOLHR acts as a foreign subsidiary for your company. There is no minimum requirement; your company can hire one SEO on Part-time employee leasing basis or a team of 100 dedicated SEO. This facility is like an extension to your own office. The dedicated SEO staffing facility leverages SEOLHR technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities. Our services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of companies and entrepreneurs helping them outwit their opponents by hiring a SEO that fits their requirements perfectly.

What Include in Part time Outsource SEO Package?

Man Hours 80/month – work exclusively for you for 80 hours/month

What Include in Full Time Outsource SEO Package?

Man Hours 160/month – work exclusively for you for 160 hours/month (Full Time SEO with expertise in SEO writing)

What Include in Outsource SEO Team Package??

Man Hours 320/month – work exclusively for you for 320 hours/month – work exclusively for you for 320 hours/month (SEO Expert, Technical SEO with Frontend Expertise, Content Writer)

What Technical SEO expert does?

- Website speed optimization (if required) - Fix java script and HTML errors - HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization - Other website technical SEO issues fixes - Canonicalization/redirect fixes - Schema markup implementation (if required)

Who makes the content?

All articles, PDF’s, press releases and videos are made by our own specialist SEO. If we require specialist technical content about your product or service your project manager will request those from you.

Where do the articles you create get submitted?

Articles will be submitted in blogging sites, article directories, and guest posting websites, web 2.0 properties, your own blog and high page rank websites in our own portfolio and more.

How quickly will I see results?

To be very honest with our 10 years of SEO experience and having our team experience of ranking 1,000 of client’s keywords on first of page of Google from targeted keywords. This does vary. Rarely businesses have seen results within a few days, or 1, 2 month so please make note of this. Others have seen results in weeks, whereas most have seen more long-term benefits over a period of 5 to 9 months. The speed of your results will depend upon how competitive your industry is. Also SEO is basically a continuous process that never stops. You think you competitors will stop SEO and don’t give you the competition? So it’s recommended not to stop SEO even after getting #1 to #10 ranking though you can slow work.

Can outsource SEO Company get me to the #1 spot on Google?

We do not guarantee #1 spot on Google in fact none of the SEO Company can guarantee that. Because website that is ranking at #1 spot might have started 15 years ago. So they have years of credibility in Google. Also it might be amazon, eBay and other big brands with multi-million dollar SEO marketing budgets. The competition of the first page of Google has always been different from the competition on 2nd page of Google and so on. Every website rank on the first page qualifies for #1 ranking. You can only reach 1st page of Google with great search optimize website if you reach on the 1st page you qualify for #1 ranking but also other 10 competitors websites. Only one can get 1st position. It could be you or any other from 10 competitors all depend of search engine. We have years of experience and have helped hundreds of different companies improve their rankings significantly. Ours and many of our client’s websites are ranking at #1 position from many targeted keywords. We make every effort made to rank our client’s website on #1 to #10 positions from important targeted keywords but we do not guarantee as we are honest with our work. We guarantee that we work for our clients as we are working for our own website and make every effort to improve client website ranking significantly.

Isn’t it something I could do myself?

It isn’t impossible to do Search Engine Optimization yourself if you have knowledge. However, you will still need resources such as content writer, technical developers and outreach specialist. Therefore outsourcing SEO does have benefit.

How many keywords do you target in ongoing monthly SEO campaigns?

It depends on your business; we are very flexible and can work on any number of relevant keywords based on your business requirements. If you have a static website which operates only in a specific region we will try to rank your website from targeted keywords in that region for your product and service.

Can we rank for everything (huge list of keywords)?

If you are Jeff Bezos and your site is Amazon you probably can. In all other cases you have to choose best medium competitive keywords. You have to determine your main keywords, a few best of them, and go after them. Your main keywords and keywords variations are the most popular and profitable ones.

Is there a minimum term contract?

Although we do not bound clients’ in long contracts we have a recommended minimum term on all SEO service packages of 6 months. If you leave after just one or two months you are yet to experience the full benefit of the ground work we put in. To grow and maintain ranking SEO should be considered a long-term activity and this is when best results occur.

What sort of link building/link acquisition practice you usually do?

- Blog writing for link bait - Citation Building - Informational content writing/sharing - Guest post writing and submission - Web 2.0 blog creation and submission - High quality relevant directory submission - Press release writing & distribution (if required) - Content Placement of Partner website - Bloggers outreach & Content Submission - DOCS/PDF creation/ submission - Video content creation/submission - Audio content creation/submission

When I checked at the position of my target keywords in Google, it doesn’t seem to match with the result from your report. Why?

Results will fluctuate on a daily basis and are entirely unique to each searcher based on their location, localization, preferences and browsing history. The results we report have been checked with a clear browser cache and randomized IP addresses to simulate a fresh search.

Can you work according to our time zone?

Yes, we work according to our clients’ time zones. In fact, we are already working for our clients’ who are in different time zones in US, UK, Europe, Australia and Middle East. Furthermore each SEO expert of our team works 8 hours a day 5 days a week usually 9am to 6pm or as per the client’s requirements (EST or PST on any other time zone) on client SEO project.

How do you make sure our SEO/SEO team working exclusively for us for committed hours in Package?

Major advantage of signing SEOLHR package is that SEO/SEO team work exclusively for you for the committed hours in month. SEO/SEO team work would be totally focused on your business and needs. That SEO/ SEO team will not shift your attention to any other clients for the committed monthly hours. An offshore SEO work with clients is conducted on the honor system (with each side taking things on trust). Most of our clients do not demand time tracking but demand resources Skype availability every working day for set amount of time. We can still use Google calendar, gtimereport, tmetric, chrometa, toggl.com, getharvest, getklok, getballpark, ding.io, rescuetime time tracking tools for committed hours if client request.

Do I need to give you my website login details?

In order to upload the SEO work on your website, you can either send us your website login details. Or, if you would like to keep your website login details confidential then we can email the work and your web developer on you can upload the work yourself.

Do you sign NDAs?

As, we work as an offshore SEO company many of SEO clients are SEO and digital marketing agencies around the world. Most of them send us their NDAs and we sign them. SEOLHR respect your business and association As SEOLHR work foreign subsidies of Client Company. We sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with clients that demands NDA. Non-Disclosure Agreement is a deal between SEOLHR and its Clients not to disclose information.

And above all, we are ready To Assist You with ALL of Your SEO Needs!

Pricing Options

Select the plan that best suits your needs- Mentioned Monthly Prices

Basic Plan

  • Minimum Man Hours /mo - 80 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Link Building / Earning
  • Premium Support
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Extensive Reporting

Heavy Plan

  • Minimum Man Hours /mo - 320 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Link Building / Earning
  • Frontend Dev / Technical SEO Fixes
  • Premium Support
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Extensive Reporting

Value Plan

  • Minimum Man Hours /mo - 160 hours
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Blog Posts Writing / Blogging
  • Premium Support
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Extensive Reporting

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